Heavenly Welcome Party not only for international students

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Rock your Valentine and meet new people. Traditional party hosted by Charles University International club welcomes students from countries all over the world. Come early and enjoy free beer tempts IC CUNI.

Heavenly Welcome party

„Welcome Party is a great opportunity to make new friends and get in touch with students from different countries. Everyone who wants to meet new people, have a fun and celebrate a start of new semester in a friendly environment is more than welcome,“ says Trang Do Thu, PR of IC CUNI.

The Party is held on Valentine´s day, 14th February and takes place in Tiskárna Club. Live rock band UnderGaters (CZE) is playing from 8 – 10 pm. “The first beer keg is on the house. So come early and make the best of it,” says Trang Do Thu.

Admission in advance is 80 CZK. Everyone can buy it by IC CUNI Coordinators or in IC CUNI Office which is situated in Hollar Building. Open hours are Who would miss the pre-sale can buy tickets for 100 CZK in Tiskárna in the day of the event.

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