IC CUNI offers a wide range of activities for international students, including culture and sports

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IC CUNI was founded three years ago by joining together of four biggest Erasmus Clubs. Each week of the semester, the Club organises events for international students.

IC CUNI. Foto: ic-cuni.cz
IC CUNI. Photo: ic-cuni.cz

„We assist a lot of Erasmus students. We help them when they arrive, during their adaptation in Prague (i.e. the Orientation Week) and throughout their entire stay here. They can ask us for help and advice. We also organise a lot of events and trips for them,“ says Lukáš Hochman.

Since it was founded three years ago, the Club has extended its team and managed spread the word about its existence among the students. „In the past three years the Club has managed to establish itself more as a university society. Formally, we work with six faculties and we co-operate with others as well. Our events are attended by Erasmus students from the whole University. We have an office, t-shirts, PR Team and we work with various University Organisations. I think that there is a better awareness of the IC’s existence at the University,“ says Hochman.

The Semester Programme of the IC CUNI offers both cultural and sporting events. The students can do sports on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays – they can play volleyball (Tue 8pm –10pm, Jednota), basketball (Thu 8pm – 9pm, Jednota) and football (Fri 11am – 12, Hostivař).

IC CUNI Saturdays are devoted to culture. During the Art Club, students visit Czech museums and galleries. The Film Club offers an insight into Czech film. It takes place on Wednesdays at 7pm, at the Faculty of Arts Main Building, Náměstí Jana Palacha, room 200. The students can come and see famous Czech films such as Pelíšky and Obecná škola.

IC CUNI also organises trips to various places in the Czech Republic and abroad. „We are planning a trip to South Bohemia, a bike trip to Moravia and a trip to Budapest,“ says an IC CUNI member Veronika Bačová.

Richard Maloney from Ireland Photo: Olga Zmeková

Each Sunday, the Studentský klub Celetná hosts Social Sundays. The international students introduce their countries through quizzes and presentations, they can also play board games. Last month, it was Richard Maloney’s turn to introduce his country – Ireland. He’s been in town for six months already.

„The International Club is great. I’ve been on a few trips – for example to Plzeň and Kostnice. I would appreciate it if there were even more trips. I’ve met a lot of people here. This had helped me especially shortly after my arrival when I was feeling homesick,“ says Maloney.

Both Czech and international students can join the IC CUNI via Facebook or by sending an email to info@ic-cuni.cz. All info can be found on the IC CUNI’s website http://www.ic-cuni.cz/.

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