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22. 6. 2016  •  Autor:  •  Rubrika: English  •  žádné komentáře  • 
EU, simulation game, and my Brussels’ fairytale

That feeling when you realize taking a bus from Prague to Brussels was not such a good idea after all, especially when a huge sweating guy sits next to you during the 12-hour journey and takes up not only his whole seat but also almost three quarters of yours…

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IC CUNI offers a wide range of activities for international students, including culture and sports

IC CUNI was founded three years ago by joining together of four biggest Erasmus Clubs. Each week of the semester, the Club organises events for international students.

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Review Mommy: When dreams don’t come true

Mommy, the most recent film of the 25-year old Canadian prodigy director Xavier Dolan won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and so far has managed to gain sympathies of the critics and movie-goers all around the world.

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Heavenly Welcome Party not only for international students

Rock your Valentine and meet new people. Traditional party hosted by Charles University International club welcomes students from countries all over the world. Come early and enjoy free beer tempts IC CUNI.

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A weekend in the Czech mountains

Our group met at Černý Most metro station on Thursday morning, and after a few hours on the bus we arrived in scenic Špindlerův Mlýn. The afternoon was spent fitting skis and snowboards, and attending a presentation by the Mountain Rescue team.

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UK defeats VSE in Mayor’s Cup final

On March 3rd, an army of red and white students and fans alike, gathered inside the Tipsport arena for what promised to be an unforgettable ice hockey evening between four Prague’s biggest universities. The result was a night full of excitement, of beers and above all… of hardcore ice hockey!

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We caught MC Dalek on his Prague concert with iconAclass – his new project, looking back at classic hiphop with an experimental twist.

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Prague Universities’ Hockey Finals

Once again, Prague’s four largest universities will battle for the Mayor’s cup. The team of Charles University will face University of Economics’ players.

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Just as you begin to think you’ve seen it all in Prague, something will jump out of nowhere and knock you off your feet, making you realize that you’ve only scratched the surface of this diverse city. At least that’s how I felt after my recent visit to the MeetFactory to see French DJ Wax Tailor live in concert.

17. 12. 2011  •  Autor:  •  Rubrika: English  •  žádné komentáře  • 

Kolej Hostivař – the dormitory that is specially reserved for the International students studying at Charles University. It has ‘home’ even in its name, but how is living in there in reality?