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On 9th of November, Tesla Arena was the witness of a fire on the ice! I would never think that a hockey match can be so exciting and provocative to jump up of your sit and support as loud as possible your favorite.

Author: Joseph Morgan (UKáč

But not only was the atmosphere the one making this Wednesday evening so special, it was of course all about the hockey matches between four big Czech Universities. One of them, which proved to be a leading university not only in terms of education, but also in terms of tactics, power and team-game, is… guess who? Yes, Charles University!

Without any doubts the hokey match between the Charles University and the Czech Technical University in Prague was a must see event – full of action, a game above the expectations, with two powerful teams and with many breath-taking moments.

Few thousands of students came to the match to support their favorites and to have a good time which they had without doubts! The fans put on the colors of their favorite team: red for UK and blue for CVUT. Before the match started the rectors of the two universities came out to support their teams. Vaclav Hampl, the Charles University rector, expressed the belief that UK will show the best result, and… what was said, that happened!

The game started at nearly 9pm and the ice of the game was broken in the very first minutes by the CVUT, who scored the first goal. However it did not disappoint, nor discouraged the UK team who beautifully (as the commentator said) equalized the score already in the third minute of the game, and succeeded to lead with 3:1 till the end of the first third.
In the second third UK only fortified its position by scoring one more goal.

A real fire on the ice was during the 3rd part, when the game became more aggressive. But let’s agree: it also became even more interesting! Clearly visible, CVUT tried hard to”fix” their problems and exceed their competitor, which wasn’t an easy job. Furthermore, it wasn’t even accomplishable. Till the end of the game, CVUT scored 3 more goals, however UK still did better and closed the match with a score of 7:4.

What a game, let’s agree

What is going to happen next is the big final where the semi-finalists will meet in a battle for the Prague Mayor’s Cup and also a prize worth 40.000 CZK. The final promises to be the hottest part. UK will have a fight with University of Economy (VSE), who also succeeded to win in the semi-finals over their competitor, University of Life Sciences, with a score of 8:2.

UK showed a great play in the first game and (we believe!) they will do their best to become the winner in this battle. What we can and should do is to come to support our favorite in the last game, which is to be announced shortly.


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